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>> eric: develop nice, you are looking at live pictures of the white house, president obama and vice president biden and secretary of state clinton is going to attend the return of four remaining of americans killed in benghazi libya. we will air a special report when that return ceremony likely within the next half-hour. i'm eric negotiation for cheryl jennings. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. u.s. ambassador to libya was from the bay area. chris stevens got his law degree at u.c. hastings in san francisco. katie marzullo joins us with the latest anti-u.s. demonstrations erupting. >> we're getting word of two deaths outside the embassy in tunisia. a cloud of smoke has been seen around the embassy there. thousands are throwing rocks at police and police are feirlg tear gas at protestors. also in lebanon, at least one person is dead. security officials say a crowd set fire to a kfc and arby's restaurant. they clashed with police who opened fire killing one person. a u.s. four say a response team has arrived in yemen as security forces were firing live rounds and tear gas into th >>> next, putting the big squeeze on president obama. the pizza shop owner everyone is talking about today, after his meeting with the commander in chief. >> we'll be right back. >>> don't miss "katie" debutting today. >>> hi everyone, as our theme song goes i am ready for this day i'm also excited a little nervous too. we have a great first show with a few surprises and some guests i'm excited to tell you about. jessica simpson will be here for her first tv interview since having her baby in may she has a lot to say. also sheryl crow is stopping by she wrote our theme song, she is a single mom and just turned 50. she will be talking the brain tumor her doctors discovered. there's a lot to ask both of these amazing women and i can't wait. i hope you will tune in i'll see you later today for the first episode of "katie." >> sheryl yo will be telling katie more about what she -- she believes may have caused her benign brain tumor. here is the new afternoon line-up general hospital will air 1 p.m., who wants to be a millionaire 2, jeopardy 2:30 then katie at 3:00 follow
trying to gain ground on president obama in a state that will be critical. >> do you want four more years of 8% or higher unemployment? >> no! >> reporter: romney continues stumping in colorado today before a bus tour in ohio tomorrow. he will be greated in the buckeye state by in new ad from the obama campaign, they slam romney for that leaked hidden camera fundraiser video. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, elderly, the disabled. >> reporter: this is the last full week of campaigning before the debates begin and take over the candidate's attention. last night he spoke to reporters. >> i think the president's campaign has focused its advertising in many cases on inaccurate portrayals of my positions. he's trying to fool people into thinking that i think things i don't. that ends, i think during the debates. >> reporter: polls show a tight race in the battleground states that will decide the election polls show president obama in the lead. another number the obama campaign is focused on, state by state unemployment. that went up in key bat
. president obama took his campaign to toledo, ohio he spoke at the united auto workers labor day celebration. the president offered his own critique on the message republicans shared last week. >> the president: we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century. it was a rerun. you might as well have watched it on black and white tv with some rabbit ears on there. [ laughing ] >> the president: should have been on nick at night. >> republican nominee mitt romney watched his wife ann takeoff and a jet ski before he followed in a boat in new hampshire. the former massachusetts governor plans to stay off the campaign trail during the democratic convention that will romney a chance to prepare for next month's debate. his campaign said far too many -- for too many americans today is another day of worrying when their next paycheck will come. new poll found mitt romney did not get a big boost from last week's convention. the new poll finds the presidential race in a dead heat. support for romney 46% and president obama 47%. the democratic convention officially begins tomorrow in char
with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> president obama condemns the attack on the u.s. emery in libya and promises justice for the four americans -- four americans killed, including the ambassador who grew up in the east bay. >>> ambassador stevens and three others were killed when a mob attacked the united states consulate in benghazi. stevens was raised in piedmont. >>> ambassador stevens' body and those of the other victims will be on their way to a u.s. military base in germany before heading home. a marine anti-terrorist team is on the ground providing security. the ambassador is again many that means here and in washington there's mourning. >> as an lamb an -- as-salaam alaikum. my name is chris stevens. >> the piedmont native spent most of his diplomatic career in the arab world with two tours in libya before he was appointed in may. five months after getting the job his life came to a violent and chaotic end when protesters stormed the embassy in benghazi. >> we condemn in the strongest terms, this senseless act of violence. we send our pr
. . >> -- president obama and the first lady laid a wreath at the gone. closer to home shining show of honor from san francisco firefighters. one of many ceremonies in the bay area to mark this anniversary. good morning i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. observances took place in union city to remember passengers on flight 93 on its way to san francisco from new jersey. a large crowd gathered in shanksville, pennsylvania near a wall which holds the name of the passengers and crew who died. passengers took hold of terrorists before it crashed in what used to be a field. katie, you talked to a woman who lost her mother? >> reporter: i did her name is carol o'hare and her mother 79-year-old moving from new jersey to danville, to live with her. carol says 11 years later the anniversary is like reliving that day. from song to silence memorial service in union city honors passengers and crew of san francisco bound flight 93. >> christian adams, todd beamer. >> reporter: carol o'hare of danville lost her mother 11 years ago today. >> i woke up to a happy day my mother was moving from california t
this morning president obama and vice president biden attended a rally in new hampshire in the face of lower than expected job growth the president noted businesses added jobs for the 30th month in a row. >> the president: we know it is not good enough we need to create more jobs faster. we need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in. >> there's a lot that we can do. >> meantime mitt romney was in iowa where he held a rally. he says the latest report shows president obama's policies are not working and the country deserves new leadership. >> there's almost nothing the president has done in the last 3 1/2, 4 years that gives the american people confidence that he knows what he is doing when it comes to jobs and economy and there's nothing he said last night that gives the american people confidence that he knows with what he would do to create jobs or build a stronger economy. >> from iowa romney flies to new hampshire this evening both are focusing on key swing states. >>> president obama has set a new record on twitter, 53,000 tweets were sent out per minute during his nom
obama stopped this morning in virginia on the road to north carolina for the convention. the president went on the attack in his speech saying mitt romney is not offering new ideas to grow the economy. the national convention is officially underway in charlotte, north carolina. democrats will adopt a party platform today that is in sharp contrast with the republican blueprint. they are calling for higher taxes on wealthier americans. also supporting same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the first lady will be the keynote speaker tonight as she makes a case for her husband's reelection. she did her practice walk-through of the stage yesterday. mark matthews is in charlotte, north carolina he will be reporting live from the democratic convention. you can get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. >>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is stumping for votes today in ohio where he told supporters that america is not better off after nearly four years of president obama's leadership. ryan says the president will say a lot of thi
obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying 47% of americans will vote for president obama because they want a government hand-out. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: the president said he has a different view of the office. >> the president: a lot of things i've learned as president, you represent the entire country. my expectation is if you want to be president you gotta work for everybody, not just some. >> reporter: yesterday romney said he was talking about election extra stkwreu not what he would do -- strategy not weigh would do as president. >> he's going to get half the vote, i'm going get half the vote. >> reporter: romney weighed in on foreign policy he ed skepticism of two-state solution between the israelis and palestinians, a plan
refusing to release returns from earlier years as the obama campaign is demanding. romney will be raising more cash for his campaign in the bay area this afternoon. he's scheduled to appear at a $50,000 per person continuer in at a private home. has no public events scheduled. he swung through the bay area in july attending fundraisers. >>> president obama will be returning to the bay area as well for his sixth fundraising event in the past year. tickets for october 8th, concert and rally are already on sale they range from $100 to $7500. president obama's last bay area visit was in july. >>> this morning "good morning america" anchor robin roberts says she feels energized. she was surrounded by family and friends. her older sister was the bone marrow donor. robin was diagnosed with mda, a rare blood disorder she completed eight days of chemotherapy prior to yesterday's transplant. the procedure only took five minutes. >> nobody can believe it. people have in their mind all kinds of images what is going to happen in a transplant it is still a powerful moment inside of that syringe are mil
was blaming for the world's problems. president obama spoke before the same body yesterday, criticizing iran's nuclear program. >>> the self-proclaimed of power are responsible for the corruption, ignorance and oppression and discrimination in every corner of the world. >> during previous speeches by ahmadinejad, the u.s. delegation walked out. today they chose not to attend at all. a spokesperson says it is because ahmadinejad is using his trip to spout paranoid theories and slurs against israel. >>> turning now to the presidential election. ohio is the center of the political universe today with republican presidential candidate mitt romney and president obama crisscrossing the statement romney kicked things off with a rally the president arrives with the wind at his back. this morning abc news moved ohio from the tossup column to leaning obama that gives the president 255 electoral votes to romney's 206. i need 270 to win the white house. >>> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast here now and ahead with the forecast going to get hot? >> it is, 90s returning to parts of the b
that nearly half americans who are solidly for president obama >> reporter: romney said as an election strategy he can't worry about those voters. >> reporter: last night he held a late night press conference but didn't offer an apology. >> it is not elegantly stated. >> reporter: the obama campaign said it was shocking that romney believes half of americans view themselves as victims. the video gets to the heart of one of romney's core weaknesses voters don't believe he's empathetic. al% of americans say romney would -- 58% of americans say romney would favor the wealthy over the middle class. >> every time there's been an opportunity for him to move to undecided he either made a mistake or a decision that hasn't helped him. >> reporter: the video controversy comes as the campaign was trying to hit the reset button. now they have to reset the reset the next big chance may not come until the first presidential debate on october 3rd. >>> hundreds of passengers traveling from san francisco to australia are on their way after frustrating delays that that spanned two days. >> with two flig
in florida today. president obama will take part in a forum the day after mitt romney addressed the same audience. karen travers has more. >> reporter: romney cam -- campaign has tried to change the subject but that video is still dogging the republican contender. last night he was greeted in miami by this sign. at a forum he said he hasn't written off half of americans. >> my campaign is about the 100% in murk. and i'm concerned about them -- in america. and i'm concerned about the fact that over the past four years life has become harder for american. >> reporter: he faced tough questions on i am -- on immigration. president obama's policy allows young people brought by their parents to stay for now. >> for those already here undocumented brought by their parents and thereof, are illegal ail convince in this country my view is we should put in place a permanent solution. >> reporter: the univison moderator pressed him for specifics on what he would do with others here illegal limb >> are you going to deport them or not? i'm not clear. [ booing ] >> i have some friends apparently. i'm n
mrs. obama is gaining reputation as the fashionable first lady. >> and then at the reason americans love affair with smartphone apps may be waning. >>> we want to give you an update now on the -- >>> contra costa county's news conference. >> they just wrapped that up this is the story involving the chp officer shot on i-680 yesterday during a traffic stop. >> investigators have identified the suspect as christopher lacy. they say he died from a gunshot wound to the head shot by the partner of officer kenyon youngstrom. in the news conference they said that the suspect used a semi-automatic glock, a pistol which is what they say he used on officer youngstrom who stopped to meet his partner. >> this is an is didn't after that tragic shooting they had to shutdown the interstate, 680 for several hours because they were investigating this and put tents over the freeway capturing shell casings so they could find out what happened. >> officer youngstrom remains in critical condition on life support. there's growing support for him you can go to our facebook page to leave a message of suppo
to be today and tomorrow and a dry weekend >>> now your voice your vote president obama takes the tonight to accept his party's nomination after he gave former president clinton a big bear hug for his rousing endorsement last night and his blistering tack on mitt romney and the gop. >>> they want to cut taxes for -- for high income americans even more than president bush did they want to get rid of regulations designed to prevent another crash. as another president once said, there they go again. >> speeches make you feel good for a little while. the american people don't think we are better off than four years ago and they are going to want a change. >> paul ryan attended a rally in colorado springs where he told supporters the rights of americans come from nature and god and not from government. >> mark matthews will be reporting live from charlotte, north carolina today get updates by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. abc news will have live coverage of the final night 7:00 here on abc 7. >>> among those praising president clinton's speech is his wife. she watch
took pride in the country he served and saw dignity in the people he met. >> president obama opens his agrees to the u.n. with a tribute to the late u.s. ambassador to libya and bay area native, chris stevens. i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> he called attacks that killed the ambassador and three others assault on the ideals on which the u.s. was founded and issued a strong warning to iran. >> reporter: the backdrop for the president's address to the united nations this morning was a flexing of military muscle in the persian gulf. -- gulf the president paid tribute to the four americans killed during the attacks in libya. >> the president: we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people like chris stevens not by his killers. today we must declare this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: the remarks at the u.n. this morning sent an unmistakeable message. >> the president: make no mistake a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel and the stability of the glob
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